TASA (Tasaciones Andaluzas S.A.U) will always endeavour to provide the highest level of service to its customers, offering a rapid response rate through our commercial and management services, and aiming at all times to resolve any issues that may arise in connection with delivery of our services.

In the event that the response provided by our commercial or management services is deemed unsatisfactory by the customer, in conformance with the second additional provision of Order ECO/734/2004 of 11 March on Customer Care and Consumer Ombudsman Departments at Financial Institutions, TASA makes its Customer Service Department (henceforth CSD) available to all customers, which serves to register and process all complaints or claims that may arise in relation to the services offered.

The Applicable Legislation establishes the obligation to attend to and resolve any complaints and claims that a customer may present to the CSD in line with their legally recognised interests and rights.

The officeholder of the CSD at TASA has been established, and this appointment has been communicated to our supervisor, the Bank of Spain.

The processing of complaints or claims before the CSD and the claims services offered by our supervisors are incompatible with any other channel which would involve the commencement of arbitral, legal or administrative proceedings.

If the claim relates to a request for review of a valuation report or its invoice, prior to contacting the CSD, it is recommended that the customer should address this request to our commercial or management services.

The functions of the CSD are divided into two fields:

  1. Assist, process and resolve complaints and claims presented by our customers.
  2. Pass on any recommendations or suggestions deriving from the previous point to Senior Management in the interest of continuously improving the quality of the service offered.

If you would like to contact TASA in order to register a complaint or claim, you can do so via email or registered mail, as well as being submitted to any of our public-facing offices. Our current office address can be found on our website and is as follows:


TASA, Tasaciones Andaluzas, S.A.U.

C/ Pirandello 6, bloque 3 – 2a planta – Oficina 1

29010 Málaga

Telephone: (+34) 952-07-17-30

Email: tasa@tasa.es


In the event of any doubts, we will attend to our customers in advance and by telephone in order to provide them with whatever they may require in connection with the complaint or claim that they wish to pass on.

The written communication to be completed by the customer and sent to the CSD, must contain:

  • Name, surname(s) and tax ID number or company name and tax ID code of the Claimant.
  • In the case of a legal person: first name, surname(s) and tax ID number of their Representative, enclosing documentary proof for the representation.
  • Complete address, telephone numbers and email to be used for contact and sending the reply from the CSD.
  • File number of the report referenced in the claim.
  • Description of the complaint or claim.
  • Explanation of the issues for which a statement is sought.
  • Any additional documentation that may be considered necessary.
  • Place and date.
  • Signature of the Claimant or their Representative.


If desired, a form can be made available for the customer to fill in.

The form can be accessed by clicking HERE.

The CSD will verify that the complaint or claim contains all of the information required in order for it to be processed correctly.

Otherwise, the Claimant will be asked to provide the necessary information or documentation within a period of 10 calendar days, noting that if such information or documentation is not provided within said period, the file for the complaint or claim will be closed.

The CSD will also verify that there is no doubt that the Claimant is the person or entity that commissioned TASA to perform the work in question, in order to guarantee the privacy and legitimate interests of our customers.

Claims will be rejected if they request the acknowledgement or quantification of damages resulting from any professional responsibility on the part of TASA, its employees or its professional collaborators. The processing of such claims is undertaken by the Legal Department at TASA or by the corresponding Insurance Companies.

Complaints and claims can be submitted within a period of two years counted from the date on which the customer becomes aware of the event or circumstances which give rise to the complaint or claim.

The CSD is obliged to attend to and resolve all complaints and claims submitted by customers within a maximum period of two months from the date on which they are submitted to TASA via any of the channels recognised in our Statute Law (directly to the CSD, at any public-facing office in our company, via our postal address, or by using the email address provided for such purposes).

In the event that a complaint or claim submitted to the CSD is rejected by TASA, this will be communicated in a manner which explains the reason for such rejection.

The interested party will be able to withdraw their complaint or claim at any time, thereby bringing the proceedings to an end.

The submission and processing of claims will not entail any cost for the customer.

In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of their claim, or if the issue is not resolved within the stipulated period of two months, the customer is hereby informed that they can subsequently appeal to the Department of Market Conduct & Claims at the Bank of Spain: C/ Alcalá no 48 – 28014 Madrid. www.bde.es


The link to their Virtual Office is: https://sedeelectronica.bde.es/menu/tramites/reclamaciones-y-/Reclamaciones_2e85b7714582d21.html