For TASA, its products, services, systems and processes, need to be fully oriented towards attaining the complete satisfaction of our clients, which is to say that we must offer the best possible parameters regarding assurance, safeguards and professionalism in performing our work, and that we must be guided by the following core values:





To this end, we are committed to:

  • Integrating Quality Management into the company’s strategy by defining guidelines for the implementation of Quality Management Systems into all of its departments, and encouraging continuous improvement in the efficiency of these systems.
  • Promoting the active and responsible involvement of all personnel through the clear designation of tasks and responsibilities, and providing adequate training on a permanent basis in order to enable participation in this process of continuous system improvement.
  • Rationally making use of resources in order to prevent and minimise errors through continuous improvement and the establishment of objectives and goals.
    Promoting teamwork and sharing all information that is necessary for the improvement of our activities in order to attain transparency in our information systems and to ensure agility in the performance of our work.
  • Complying with all of the legal and regulatory requirements in force at all times, in addition to any other commitments that the company has made.
  • Encouraging innovation, new ideas, new methods and the updating of resources, elements which are essential to the process of continuous improvement and whose results are projected in three different aspects:

Customer satisfaction:

  • Identification of customer needs and requirements
  • Reduction of errors

Employee satisfaction:

  • Detection of any needs for further training
  • Training planning
  • Recognition of achievements

Improvement of economic results:

  • Increase in revenues
  • Reduction in costs