Appraisal of machinery and installations

In the majority of cases, creating a business usually requires investments in both movable and immovable assets. Investments in movable assets usually concern machinery and installations – all of those tangible assets which, for accounting purposes, are catalogued as “fixed tangible assets.”

Due to the mobility of such assets, the appraisal methodology used is different from that used for the appraisal of immovable assets.

A brief description of each one of these groups of movable assets is given below:

  • Machinery: individual pieces or groups of equipment or groups of equipment which form a part of the production line and are required in order to carry out the production or commercial process relating to the activity undertaken.
  • Installations: all combined assets, supply, communication or energy networks, waste materials and disposal. It is important to differentiate between these installations and those which are typically required in any building by urban planning regulations, such as infrastructure (gas, water, sewage, electricity); the building’s own installations (heating, domestic hot water, air conditioning, lifts and fixed items or accessories (chimneys, utility rooms, supply pipelines))