Appraisal for accounting and tax purposes

The most common reason why a company requests an account appraisal from us is that their auditor has requested that an independent expert undertakes the appraisal of real estate pertaining to their property in order to determine a possible evolution of value.

The objective is to update the net worth of the asset and faithfully reflect a true image of the company. The report can be accepted by the administration in order to justify a reduction in corporate tax. When the appraisal is made at the request of an auditor, this allows for a clean audit, without any caveats qualifications or objections of any kind. A relevant circumstance for the shareholders of the companies and for the financing institutions..

Another reason why it may be of interest to know the value of a property relates to diverse accounting aspects which range from simple consultancy to divisions, auctions, acquisitions and business and corporate operations.

There are a number of cases here, including:

  • Auctions and acquisitions
  • Division of property and dissolution of joint ownership
  • Calculation of entitlements and surface rights
  • Calculation of entitlements and surface rights
  • Appraisal of real estate portfolios
  • Property regulation processes (establishment and updates of entries in registers of assets that make up the property, surface rights, administrative franchises, calculation of charges, consulting, market studies, etc..)